Empowering Women


Outreach Activities – give out information leaflets on Domestic Violence (DV), Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), HIV, Sexual Health and distribution of Free Condoms to the community in Hackney

Workshops - We raise awareness on DV, FGM , HIV and general sexual health

One to One - We provide emotional and practical support to enable women of African heritage to recover from Domestic Abuse and FGM. Support for individuals living with HIV and their families.

Peer Support - offering support among people with similar experiences and situations.

Sexual Health Awareness - As well as HIV Outreach & Care support, we work in collaboration with other providers (CAN) to offer Sexual Health awareness/training, in which we share a wealth of information on this matter.

Community Champions - public speaking by DV/FGM survivors and HIV positive women at Community Events, in Churches, Schools, Community Halls etc.

Signposting - Advocacy and Referral for our Service Users to other relevant Specialist Support Services.

Rise Community Action has continued to work in partnership with a number of local agencies and charities to ensure that our client group can be served and have been central in delivering a number of projects as delivery partner.

We thank Our present and past Funders, Sponsors and Partners, without whose support the above projects would not have been possible.






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